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Next MANUAL  TESTING  training is starting from the 30th of May, 2018. Free Practical session will hold on 30th of May - 5th of June, 2018.

Join us for the free sessions on the following dates
 - ISTQB (30/05/2018 start date)
 - SELEQUI (05/06/2018 start date)
 - HP Quality Center (01/06/2018 start date)
 - SQL (04/06/2018 start date)

See REGISTER-->MANUAL page for more details
AUTOMATION CURRICULUM is starting from the 30th of May 2018.
Join us for free sessions on
 - QTP (Will start in June 2018)
 - SELENIUM (Will start in June 2018)
 - LOADRUNNER (Not running in this batch) 
 - CUCUMBER (Will start in June 2018) 

Recent Testimony

24/07/12: Anything worth doing is what doing well. You will be glad you took up this opportunity!!......JOHN
15/07/12: Turned out to be one of the best things I have done in my life. I recommend this training....PETRA
21/05/12: I gain a strong confidence at the end of the training at a competitive fee value....... ISAAC
21/05/12: The training was interactive and practical based, it was indeed good value for money.....JERRY
21/05/12: Excellent training, fantastic course materials that is equal to none, Highly recommended for the fast track learners.....DWIGHT
21/05/12: This is a training that exposed me into the testing industry interms of been ISEB certified, I am recommending it......WILL
21/05/12: The lectures gives more than value for money, the teaching was precise and spot on......OLAWALE
21/05/12; The trainer knows his onion as he took out time to explain in details what the content is......KAYODE
21/05/12: This is just to send a word of kudos and appreciation for the course recently offered! My appreciation to you. Steve!....TAIWO

Recent Testimony

10/07/12: This course has changed my life and given an unbelievable career for me. I highly recommend.....KASI 
03/07/12: This is the Best Trainer I have ever seen with valuable package. I got my job before I finished.....OLA
01/07/12: EXCELLENT!!! Great Value for Money!!!...A pace setter for beginners and a reference.....LAMBERT

Recent Testimony

02/02/13: This is by far the best training I have ever seen around here. Thanks Steve for being a great mentor...AKIN
14/05/13: I was surprised by truly good quality of the training. The least I can say is thank you!....VILIUS
06/06/13: I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the training, lectures and real life project. Thanks Steve...SEYI
23/08/13: This training has taken me to places beyond my wildest imagination. Mucha Gracias Steve and the Team...FUNMI
05/11/13: The pace and method of delivery met my need,Will recommend to anyone interested in moving to this lucrative industry.....CLAUDIUS
04/11/13: The support and learning method i bet you can't find it in other trainings. Steve, makes the classes very enjoyable......DESTINY
04/11/13:  A great attitude and experience from steve, he made the training really interesting and involve everyone,....OLUTUNDE
12/11/13:  The training package is so comprehensive and the teacher is superb. well done Steve........TAYO-SEYI

Recent Testimony

13/11/14:  Steve's Quote- I dont teach I impact knowledge" I thought it was a very bold statement then I get suck completely....DEMOLA
30/11/14:  A big thanks to Steve for such a comprehensive training package with real life practical ....AFOLABI
08/04/14:  A well organised and highly informative training. Good job Steve, Great value for money.........AISHA
09/04/14:  Testingelearn training is unparalleled in the testing sector of the IT Industry. It is knowledge and experience based....FADE
09/11/14:  I was a bit sceptic at first, But having completed the full training I realise I knew a lot better than when I started.......ASE
10/11/14:  I wish I have heard about about five years ago or more Because it's just a complete package.....KOLADE
07/04/14:  Attending this training has marked the turning point in my life .The opportunities presented by Steve mentored me...MARTINS

Courses Offered
  • SAP (JUNE 2017)
    FICO, SD, MM, HR, BI
  • Class Syllabus
  • VB Scripts Tutorials
  • 100 Interview Ques & Ans
  • 200 Certification Ques & Ans

Single Automation Courses

This comprehensive 25-day course covers all the essential, basic and advanced scripting techniques in QuickTest Professional. It takes students through all the basic techniques of scripting in the keyword view to the more advanced programming approaches in the expert view. 90% of this training will concentrate on utilizing advanced Vb scripting in the expert view to equip students with the competitive skills needed to overcome common real-world scenarios. Industry's sought-after data driven, keyword driven and hybrid frameworks will be covered in great depth as well as more advanced topics.

Learning Objectives

Real live practical examples in window and web based applications are demonstrated throughout the course.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the key principles of test automation; record & replay, synchronization, checkpoints, object spy etc
  • Gain a full understanding of how QTP integrates with the system under test
  • Understand the features of the Expert View integrated development environment
  • Learn how to overcome problems experienced from trying to use record & replay
  • Have a complete understanding of how to develop reliable, robust QTP test scripts
  • Learn how to automate a complete test suite using Microsoft VBScript from scratch
  • Understand how to structure your automated testing
  • Understand how you can design robust tests against dynamic applications using descriptive programming
  • Be able to design data driven, keyword driven and hybrid frameworks and know when to use them
  • Understand how to manage Object Repositories and the test automation architecture

Pre-Requisite Experience

Knowledge of manual testing


Anyone with basic knowledge of testing or about to move into a testing role and new users of QTP who need to automate manual testing in a short amount of time

Course Summary


Lesson 01: Introduction to Basic QTP
Lesson 02: Introduction to Advanced QTP

Basic QTP

Lesson 03: Recording a basic script and creating multiple/reusable actions
Lesson 04: Check Point and Recovery Scenarios
Lesson 05: Synchronization and Parametrization

Advanced QTP

Lesson 06: Programming with Excel Spreadsheet 1
Lesson 07: Programming with Excel Spreadsheet 2
Lesson 08: Introduction to Functions, Functions Library and Sub-routines 1
Lesson 09: Introduction to Functions, Functions Library and Sub-routines 2
Lesson 10: Implementing Data Driven Framework on a Live Application 1
Lesson 11: Implementing Data Driven Framework on a Live Application 2
Lesson 12: Implementing Data Driven Framework on a Live Application 3
Lesson 13: Implementing Data Driven Framework on a Live Application 4
Lesson 14: Descriptive Programming in QTP 1
Lesson 15: Descriptive Programming in QTP 2
Lesson 16: Implementing Keyword Driven Framework on a Live Application 1
Lesson 17: Implementing Keyword Driven Framework on a Live Application 2
Lesson 18: Implementing Keyword Driven Framework on a Live Application 3
Lesson 19: Implementing Keyword Driven Framework on a Live Application 4
Lesson 20: Adapting QTP to Recognise Non Web and Window Based Applications
Lesson 21: Automation Object Model and Ordinal Identifier
Lesson 22: Working with Dynamic Web Forms
Lesson 23: Working Environment Variables and Interview Questions
Lesson 24: Working With Mercury Device Replay and Fire Event Objects
Lesson 25: Window Shell Scripting and File System Object

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Where & When
Location On Line
Start Date (Weekday)Not Running in July
Duration (Weekday)25 days, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Only
Free Sessions4
DeliveryInstructor Led
Time (Weekday)9.20-10.30 pm GMT/ 2.20-3.30 pm PST/ 4.20-5.30 pm EST
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